Character Players

Character Name Player Name Player Pronouns
AlphaPod Susannah C She/Her
AuShRef Mk. III (Autonomous Shelving and Reference Robot) / AuShRef Hannah W She/Her/Any
Bisch WDR 9450 / Biccy Josie P She/Her
Blendamix Nova E3100 / Bluther Amri S He/Him
Blind Clockmaker Ltd’s Patented Allegorical Engine / Grandfather Time Luke P He/Him
Chat-Chat's First Regional Internet Enhancement Network Device / FRIEND Jacob B He/Him
Chessatron 2005 / King Sameer M He/Him
Class 127 Ark Waterproof Fire Resistant Temperature Controlled Safe Cabinet Strongbox Lockable Box (4.7/5 Stars) / Talos August T She/Her/Any
Computerised Radar & Biometric Drone (CR&B) / Chyura Charlie S They/Them
Entertainment Mischief Unit (EMU) 4813 / Emu Katie M She/Her
Excavatron9001 / Quake Chris N He/Him/They/Them
EXPLORERVX013 / Lucky Elynor K She/Her
Functional Lamb Operating Connective Kernels / Flock Kristian T He/Him
GenSystems_1371 Cameron A They/Them
Gratex4595 / Xetarg Rory I He/Him
Hayhurst Swing Bridge / Mister Bridge Harmann B He/Him
HELIOS Plant Buddy_IDNo.2214425 / Samson Maisie M She/Her
Hussell Robbs 19750 Rice Cooker / Holegrane Amy L She/Her
Laser Enhanced End Effector Collaborative Hand Ergonomic Surgeon / LEEECHES Jana O'D She/Her
LatimeriaEX10 / Karl the Coelacanth Peyton C She/Her
Object WS-117L Gemma C She/Her
Recycling Plant Unit 496 / The Bottle Cap-tain Philip H He/Him
REMOTE George K They/Them
RoadSweep 2000 / Brushy Mia C She/Her
Rumbo V4 / Sun Aric S He/Him
Rusty Gen 3 Unit 16 / Mynameis Rusty Nix G-D He/Him/They/Them
SafeAway Lite Callum S He/Him
searchtek_K9_V1 / Goodboy Arun H He/Him
Slotmaster1900 Philip B Any
SmartVend-TC-DA-Model_UnitNo1HKC / Vendy Wendy Elias H They/Them
SPDR-9001 / Spider Chris V He/Him
Synthesis Station Oli J They/Them
T/k-23 Standard Research Clock / Time Keeper James W He/Him
TomodachiVirtualCompanion236AQ / Scoop.exe Florence W She/Her
Unlock-O-Matic High Security KeyFob / Binky Mia B She/Her
Whitney-αβ 79-10780 cii3-60 Leah O Xie/Xir
Whitney-αβ UHF Egregore Radar System / Egregore Andrew K-R He/Him
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