A Turnsheet details what you would like to do in downtime after session and after IC emails have taken place. In Romancing the Toaster, we are giving players one major action per turn. This major action will receive a write up by one of the GMs, taking place over a week of time, although it is important to note that you can only achieve in one major action what you could normally achieve in a day in total (this could include several small actions over a few days). The rest of that time is left for the consequences of your action to take place and percelate. This can also be used as a upgrade action in which the player chooses to gain a point in any skill.

One or two sentences on what you'd like to do: Investigate the large electromagnet in the woods with my buddy Geoff the robot horse.

What would you like to achieve: Find a way to turn off the electromagnet and eventually be able to free the robots stuck to it

Bullet points on how you plan to do this, any private plans if this is a group action and possible contingencies. Please try and keep this brief but clear. It would also be useful to list these in chronological order

  • Prepare my megaphone, ensuring it's charged up before we go
  • Travel on Geoff's back, as I am a vacuum cleaner, I would like Geoff to hold my tube in his mouth
  • Do not get too close to the electromagnet if it is going to suck us to it. If Geoff gets sucked up, I would like to blow myself away by reversing my vacuum function and leave him behind.
  • If we are not in danger, I would like to talk to the robots about how they got stuck there, and if any of them know how to turn the electromagnet off, use megaphone if they are too far
  • I would also like to scan the area and see if there are any visible mechanisms or levers that look like they are connected to the electromagnet.

list the skills and tier of the skill that would be relevant to this action, as well as quirks related to the action. If you do not let us know, we may not assume you have the skill to execute the action.

  • Information Processing 2
  • Advanced Senses 1
  • Basic Movement
  • Megaphone (Item)
  • Life is Plastic (Quirk)
  • Watching Each other's backs (From Friendship Bond with Geoff)

Who is doing this with you

  • Geoff the robot horse (PC)

Here you can detail any small notable actions you perform in downtime, note that you will have a relatively small impact in any actions that you minor and will receive no more than a sentence of write up for them - unless you are involved in a repair action

  • Ponder the meaning of life
  • Attend Maku's Electronic Love Love concert
  • (Repair) get Helen to fix my broken left toenail with that surfboard she found. Take Land Movement 1 as I can now walk on my bare feet without pain.
  • Recharge my megaphone
  • Monologue at my Nemesis, Fitzgerald
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