Movement, or lack thereof, is a big part of Romancing the Toaster. The number of skill points invested in movement will allow players to move across one or more tiles of the map in Uptime and in Downtime. Moving vertically up and down from ground level will require the Air Movement and Water Movement skills respectively. Additional points in Water Movement will allow players to traverse deeper into the ocean, where there will be both danger and excitement. Similar rules apply for Air Movement. It is also encouraged that you describe how your character is able to swim/fly and withstand extreme atmospheres in space/the deep sea.

It is likely that players will be in widely different locations throughout the game. Provided you have skills in Senses, you will be able to perceive your surroundings - although you may not know exactly where on the map you are, and if you're prone to getting lost, you will be completely unable to position yourself on the map. It is encouraged that you share these perspectives with other players, as no one is likely to have the same information.

You may choose to move during Uptime. If so, you will have the option to have a short, structured encounter with a GM in a specialised Discord channel. This encounter will feature sights you see while you travel, possible dangers, challenges, puzzles and features to poke at. If you are travelling in a group, you may talk amongst yourselves in this channel, with decisions or questions to the GM made by typing @GM before your question. These encounters will make you pick between few options in a scenario, much like a choose-your-own-adventure game, which may take you to hidden pages and websites or provide you with information, items and connections to come back to later.

While there may be a few unique encounters throughout the course of the game, most travel encounters will be quite restricted and not built for players to do crazy things due to the number of encounters GMs may have to run per session. There are no limits on the number of encounters per session, and it should be noted that these will be rare events driven by players rather than scheduled quests presented by GMs. It is also not possible for players to directly request an encounter, it will happen when narratively appropriate.

Travel linears focused on exploration and/or questing for supplies or information will be more detailed than those for mere movement from one place to another.

It is common at game start to not know exactly where you are in the physical world. Even though every player has access to a map on the Net and most will be able to narrow down their location to a broad area on this map (a tile), they may not be able to place themselves particularly precisely. Given high enough levels in sensory skills, specific quirks, and possible specialisations, players can gain access to the locations of themselves and/or others in different capacities during the game. Some NPCs will have access to player locations. Note that not knowing where you are does not prevent you from travelling, though you may have trouble returning to the place you came from.

Note that a single tile can be relatively large and you may need to travel in a non-instantaneous manner to interact with NPCs or PCs in the same tile as you.

Note: Hatched areas in Subsurface and Surface represent the mountain.

Cell Notable Features Terrain Type(s) Connections (Up)
A1 Land, Water B1
A2 Land, Water B2
A3 Underharbour (abandonded) Land, Water B3
A4 Land, Water B4
A5 Land, Water B5
A6 Land, Water B6
A7 Mangrove swamp root system Land, Water B7
A8 Land, Water B8
A9 Land B9
A10 Laver Land, Water B10
A11 Sunken ship, Hanging Gardens Water B17
A12 Water B18
A13 Laver and Hanging Gardens Water B19
A14 Water B20
A15 Hanging Garden tunnel systems Water B21
A16 Hanging Gardens tunnel systems Water B22
A17 Midnight Caves and the Colosseum: Requires Water Movement 2 to enter Water B19, B21, B22

Cell Notable Features Terrain Type(s) Connections (Up) Connections (Down)
B1 Internet café Land C1 A1
B2 Bee's Warehouse Land, Water C1 A2
B3 Misha and Silvo's Home for Orphaned Appliances Land C1 A3
B4 Central Junkyard Land C3 A4
B5 Repair Centre, an old factory Land C3 A5
B6 Harbour Land, Water C3 A6
B7 Mangrove swamp Land, Water C3 A7
B8 Land C3 A8
B9 Land C3 A9
B10 Agricultural Sector Land C3 A10
B11 Land C2, C4 None
B12 The Ticker (restricted access) Land C2, C4, C5 None
B13 Robogator Swamps Land C2, C4, C5 None
B14 Land C2, C5, C6 None
B15 Land C2, C5, C6 None
B16 Land C2, C6 None
B17 The Oil Baths (accessible from land by bridge in B6) Water C7, C8 A11
B18 Anchorage point for the Sunflower Water C8 A12
B19 Water C7, C8 A13, A17
B20 Water C7, C8 A14
B21 Water C7, C8 A15, A17
B22 Water C7 A16, A17

Cell Notable Features Terrain Type(s) Connections (Down)
C1 Skydock Land, Air B1, B2, B3
C2 Air B11, B12, B13, B14, B15, B16
C3 The Post Office can usually be found here Air B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10
C4 Mountaintop Land B11, B12, B13
C5 Mountaintop Land B12, B13, B14, B15
C6 Mountaintop Land B14, B14, B16
C7 Air B17, B19, B20, B21, B22
C8 Air B17, B18, B19, B20, B21

Cell Notable Features Terrain Type(s) Connections (Down)
D1 Top of the space elevator Land, Space None
D2 Space None
D3 Space station Space None
D4 Shipyard (detached from top of space elevator) Space None
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