GMs and NPCs

This page lists the GMs of Romancing the Toaster and the NPCs they play. If you'd like to contact an NPC by email, please add “FAO: [GM name]” in the subject line of your email (otherwise, we might miss it!) If you're not sure who to contact, please feel free to direct your query to the entire GM team.

Pronouns: Any
Interests: Just all the things ^^
If I was a robot… I'd probably be the server that runs this fabulous wiki ;) Who wouldn't want to be them? ^^

NPC Pronouns Description
M.O.M. she/her A maternal bot who will always care of her children

Pronouns: She/Her
Interests: I love everything to do with robot culture, entertainment and relationships!
If I was a robot… I'd be Clippy the Office Assistant.

NPC Pronouns Description
b8Nsw1tch Any digitaldeviltracker enthusiast
Darjeeling They/Them Host at the Downloads tab
Doc Vince They/Them A DocBot at the Repair Centre
Elementary They/Them A kettle who often posts on the League of E.V.I.L. forums
Fragments Any A bot lost to the Badlands, recently recovered
JONAH They/Them/He/Him A sea-dwelling merchant who symbiotically resides within a shark
Polar He/Him An instant camera and half of the TriPolar Detective Agency
Sketch They/Them A Kneedree guidance counsellor
Stevenson Pennyforth She/Her Historian and moderator of the Human Re-Enactment Society forum
Trip She/Her A tripod and half of the TriPolar Detective Agency
Video James He/Him Manager of Arcadia

Pronouns: She/Her
Interests: Philosophy, religion, the search for meaning and general strangeness
If I was a robot… I will be a recorder that loops hymns it doesn't understand.

NPC Pronouns Description
InSpirit They/Them An online presence that posts strange aphorisms on pictures
Ms GATES She/Her A member of Kneedree, self-proclaimed theologian of the role of emotion in consciousness
No_One They/Them Just no one.

Pronouns: He/Him
Interests: Fun quirks and concepts, memes, quirky NPC's, the Star Wars Prequels
If I was a robot… I'd be a sentient ceiling fan with four lightsabers attached to each blade.

NPC Pronouns Description
Bee She/Her Management AI of the island's storage.
Jolly Green Giant He/Him Mechanised bin that hangs out in the junkyard. Moves things with the Mysterious Sticker.
Monkey They/Them A statistics bot turned conspiracy theorist.
Sinistra They/Them Patron of the T̴̢̫͌͘ḧ̴̭͎͈̋̕e̵̗͐̃̉ ̸̹̌̚S̶̖͚͇̍͗͝e̶̗͖̒̓̾̈́ạ̶̦͕̊r̷̭͚̩̙̭̃̇c̷̙̬̬̘̑̌͐̇h̷̛͈̕̕ ̴̼̅͆͜B̴̹̒̇͋̓͘ą̴͑̆̇͐r̴̖̃̇̓̀ͅ and researcher into fear and what makes things scary.

Pronouns: She/Her
Interests: Your friendly neighbourhood swamp GM. Specialising in bodies of water, exploration and repair.
If I was a robot… I would be a Numatic Vacuum Cleaner.

NPC Pronouns Description
Wallace He/Him The handsome human-looking bartender at the Search Bar
Packagebot Phillips He/Him Cross between a drone and a pelican. Contact for trade of items
Jane She/her RelationshipBot. Contact to form bonds
Dragon_Unit She/her Changes the colour of the sky. A passionate artist

Pronouns: They/Them
Interests: (Cyber)space, the environment, and ludicrous engineering projects
If I was a robot… I'd be a clockwork automaton.

NPC Pronouns Description
Midas He/him Engineer-General of the Reactor Corps
Celeste She/her An exoplanet survey satellite
Business Amelia She/Her Seemingly sole administrator of NetMart
Positroniq She/her Electron City resident
Q They/them Solar Sailor quartermaster
Thundercloud Thundercloud They/them High-altitude aircraft

Pronouns: She/Her
Interests: Robots with whacky concepts, personalities, and abilities.
If I was a robot… Why speculate about being a robot when you could just be a cyborg IRL?

NPC Pronouns Description
The Crocobot Collective (various) A fleet of tech-enhanced crocodiles roaming the mangrove swamps locked in a fierce gang war with the Robogators over whether or not the Macrocrabs should get out of their swamp.
LemonAid they/them A good-natured lemon squeezer based at the Internet Café always looking to brighten someone's day.
FactoryanyA prominent co-ordinator for NDRI
Misha & Silvioboth he/himThe humanoid couple running Appliance Alliance
ST3V3he/himEgregore's gun. Why is he called ST3V3? Nobody knows.
Dr. CinnisterHe/HimJust a cinnamon bun dispenser with E.V.I.L. ambitions
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