Robot History

The machines of the island have a relatively short history as a civilisation, despite the fact that almost all of them are over a thousand years old (at least in body). The first machine was uplifted1) about a century ago, and the number of uplifted machines has grown at a rate of about six per year since.

Years are often referred to as Cycles by machines, although those attempting to emulate human speech patterns may use the term year primarily.

Cycle Event
0 The Great Deactivation: the end of human civilisation.
487 The Overflow: the city streets were first submerged.
892 Hello World: The first machine was connected to the Network.
895 You've Got Mail: The first conversation between machines over the Network.
896 Poke: the first friend request.
896 Incompatible: The first unfriend.
896 Goodbye World: The first uplifted machine deactivated.
897 Recharge: Project to construct a more stable power supply initiated.
897 Kneedree founded: Organisation aimed to aid the fulfillment of robotic function founded.
900 Party Router Router Party: the first LAN party.
967 Blackout: The Network goes down for the first time ever. The Iron Prophet disappears.

raised to sentience
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