In Romancing the Toaster, there are no solid factions and you can freely explore organisations and virtual communities to your heart's content during the game, as we don't intend to restrict your access to plot based on the organisations your character is affiliated with! There are also no instructions for exploring these aspects of the game - we hope that players can find out for themselves what they enjoy!

With that said, we know that some players may want some more guidance when creating or playing their characters, so we've put together some suggestions for places to go, characters to talk to, and skills that might be useful based on your preferred playstyle. We encourage you to mix and match, picking whatever is most fun for you - the GM team will always be supportive of players who want to try a little bit of everything.

  • Visit the Badlands of the Net or the Deep Sea for some space to think about what’s really important to robotkind.
  • If you're in space, visit the various orbital platforms and structures - space is big, but it's not all empty!
  • Discuss your findings with historians at the Internet Café, theologians within Kneedree, and conspiracy theorists on digitaldeviltracker.net.
  • Find out what’s so great about the mysterious Electron City.
  • Take skills in Software and Processing to uncover and decipher hidden relics of the Net.
  • Dive into the ongoing war between the Crocobots and Robogators of the swamps.
  • Enlist with TSCAMGLOWN and search for someone (anyone!) to fight — or, for the more villainously minded, discuss your plans for world domination on leagueofevil.org.bot.
  • Chase virtual ghosts, collect malware, and advertise for a suitable Nemesis on Katsu’s.
  • Take skills in Manipulation to give you an edge in combat… though you may still end up requiring rescue by the Valkyries if things get too dicey!
  • Explore the caves underwater, underground or in the mountain.
  • Sell your loot on netmart.com or use it to build exciting new upgrades.
  • If the solo life isn’t for you, join the Solar Sailors who roam the ocean freely.
  • Make sure you’ve got the Movement skills to get into (and out of) those loot-filled spaces, and the Senses to sort the titanium from the tin.
  • Float up and survey the world from above, or simply check in with some of the robots who live and work there for regular updates.
  • Follow the rivers out to the swamps and the sea in search of exotic creatures both organic and robotic.
  • Pick a side in the dispute over agricultural sector B10… or just keep to yourself as you tend to your crops.
  • Make sure your Manipulation skills are suited to interacting with the world around you, and maybe throw in some Interfacing if you’re looking for a more streamlined approach.
  • Help the Reactor Corps keep the megastructure's lights on.
  • Consider what construction projects - in both the physical and virtual worlds - might benefit all of robotkind, and take some Supervision skills to get those projects started.
  • Explore what's possible in harsh environments like space and the deep sea.
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