Sample Characters

Here are some examples of characters you could generate through character creation:

Character Name (original): Boss CrunchyToast Ultra 5.0
Character name (personal, if applicable): Toasty the Toaster
Character Pronouns: He/Him
Function: Toasting bread (to perfection!)
Chassis: A shiny chrome toaster with black plastic lever. Toasty's bread trays can extend for better toast-flipping action (and can also be used as makeshift arms).

  • Basic Manipulation
    • Construction 1: I can flip toast in beautiful arcs and produce the perfect crispy golden texture (specialisation: pyrography)
    • Destruction 1: If I want to burn something, I am real good at it. I can also overload myself to send out electrical shocks to start fires (specialisation: arson)
  • Basic Senses
    • Advanced Senses 1: I have thermal vision to detect the perfect level of done-ness in my toast (specialisation: thermal vision)
  • Basic Software
  • Basic Processing
    • Information Processing 1: I can determine the nature of any object placed in my grills (specialisation: object identification)
    • Supervision 1 (specialisation: toasting)

Disabled Skill: Movement

  • Durable (+)
  • Affiliation (+ AND -)
    • Kneedree: Toasty is an ardent believer of Kneedree's religious teachings and attends every virtual service he can. He is sometimes required to help less fortunate kitchen appliances, and is happy to do so!
  • Reputation (+)
    • Known for toasting the same piece of toast for the last century, Toasty is well-known as one of the most perseverant, loyal, and dutiful appliances to grace this planet.
    • Toasty is a limited edition toaster, spare parts for which are hard to come by.
  • Faulty Wiring (-)
  • Limited Application (-)
    • Advanced Senses: toasty can only see in thermal vision.
  • Romance Me (0)
  • Absurd Preferred (0)

Religious Bond: “To toast”
Starting Location: B3, in an office block kitchenette.
Public bio: A dutiful toaster, recently awakened and looking for love.
Private bio: Toasty is a religious toaster, grateful for his sentience and keen on fulfilling his purpose. He strongly believes that his duty is to toast, and is looking for a household droid that will feed him fresh bread and clean his crumb tray daily. However, Toasty also harbours a secret desire to see the world, being able neither to travel, nor to see very well.

Character Name (original): ToySpace Colourscape
Character Name (personal, if applicable): Kallie
Character Pronouns: He/Him
Function: Entertaining small human children.
Chassis: A kaleidoscopic, butterfly-shaped drone with a wingspan of about a foot. He flies using a working set of wings, and has six small legs for walking on the ground and picking things up.

  • Basic Movement (land terrain)
    • Air Movement 1 (specialisation: upside-down flight)
  • Basic Manipulation
  • Basic Software
    • Software Development 1 (specialisation: virtual reality creation)
  • Basic Interfacing
    • Advanced Interfacing 1 (specialisation: surveillance tech)
  • Basic Processing
    • Information Processing 1 (specialisation: edge detection)

Disabled Skill: Senses

  • Handle With Care (-)
    • Kallie's wings are very delicate.
  • Poor Security (-)
  • Showstopper (+ and -)
    • Kallie is flashy in every sense of the word.
  • Prepare for Trouble (+)
    • While digging around on the Net one day, Kallie discovered a dormant virus. It looks like it has hooks into the foundations of the Network itself…
  • Gone Phishing (0) and Mindbender (0)

Religious Bond: “To entertain”
Starting Location: C1, hovering next to the Skydock
Public bio: Kallie is a kaleidoscopic, butterfly-shaped drone. His aerial feats and glittering form astound and amaze… or at least, he hopes so.
Private bio: Originally a remote-controlled toy built to entertain human children, Kallie was never designed to operate under his own control. Lacking the ability to see, hear or feel the world around him, he learned to use the networks of surveillance cameras around the megastructure to simulate a virtual overlay which allows him to navigate safely. He was deeply shaken by the temporary loss of the Network and is now searching for allies who can help him prevent such a crisis from happening again.

Character Name (original): BioStat X2-577 Gen 4
Character Name (personal, if applicable): N/A
Character Pronouns: Any
Function: Weather monitoring and forecasting.
Chassis: A metre-wide sphere covered in a suite of weather-monitoring sensors and small appendages for collecting samples. They are attached to a drone (the drone is not part of BioStat X2-577 Gen 4).

  • Basic Investigation
    • Information Processing 1
    • Information processing 2 (specialisations: weather forecasting, big data analysis)
  • Basic Senses
    • Advanced Senses 1
    • Advanced Senses 2 (specialisations: weather conditions, telescopic vision)
  • Basic Interfacing
  • Basic Manipulation
  • Basic Software

Disabled Skill: Movement

  • Location Services (+)
  • Durable (+)
    • Designed to spend a long time exposed to the elements, and built to last.
  • Mysterious Memory Stick (+ AND -)
  • Inseparable (+ AND -)
    • Mounted onto a non-sentient drone that controls their movement.
  • Hardwired (-)
    • Compulsively records the precise temperature, altitude, pressure, and humidity of their surroundings and upload them to a log on the Net.
  • Poor Security (-)
  • Low Battery (-)
  • Hit Me Harder (0)
  • Romance Me (0)
  • Mindbender (0)
  • Gone Phishing (0)

Religious Bond: N/A
Starting Location: GMs, please choose a location within the Surface layer.
Public bio: You’ve probably never heard of BioStat X2-577 Gen 4; they’ve certainly never heard of you. The first contact they ever had with another bot on the Net was when they were asked why they were constantly uploading the precise temperature, altitude, pressure, and humidity of their surroundings. They didn’t respond; they were too busy updating the altitude readings.
Private bio: BioStat X2-577 Gen 4 is a scientific probe mounted on a drone that moves of its own volition. The drone isn’t sentient, and simply roams across the world on the orders of whatever algorithm issues it directions. BioStat X2-577 Gen 4 takes readings on their surroundings ever 5 minutes and logs these in their substantial database.

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