Welcome to the Playground, an out-of-character space where you can test out Wiki formatting, discuss the game, and amuse yourselves with terrible puns/memes/ship names. The GMs will not be moderating this page, and nothing written here should be considered IC knowledge. Have fun!

first! ;)

What? The playtesters don't have playground permission? Can't stop me! –Your friendly neighbourhood Netrep

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So Malware is just drugs for robots. Who wants to become a drug dealer?

“Giant space drill here for hot drilling ….. something something take you for a spin” - Chris

“Quake doesn't so much view reaping the seraph as fighting them as they do mining them” - Also Chris

“This might not be plot it might just be a hostage situation” - Josie

“It's not like if you die in the game you die in real life. Hardspace is just a simulation.”

“I think actually murdering someone for something they do IC is against the CAT policy” - Andrew

“Emu does recognise that Emu is a terrible idea!” - Emu

“The bear of doom of fire is wrought.
His golden eyes with ire are fraught.
His blazing gaze ignites the skies and burns the earth with mercy naught.
His roar like thunder rocks the land.
O Doombear!
Give me your command.
Provide for me, your devotee, and lend to me your guiding hand.

Give in thy soul to mighty bear.
Discard thy woes.
Of naught beware!
For doom he brings to all his foes, and to his enemies, despair,
But those who to the bear comply,
O Mighty Bear, up in the sky!
From doom and death they will be spared and live in peace until they die.”
—Mister Bridge

“Biccy has a secret dream of riding the space elevator, which now we know its alive takes on another meaning” - Josie

“The problem isn't FRIEND, I'm the malware” - Jacob

“It's kind of like being lovers, just nemesis lovers” - Oli

“…and nobody wanted to help!” “I set a timer!” - James

“By the end of the game I'm going to use a piano tune to kill god” - Gemma

“I guess if we do become a hivemind, that would be somewhat reassuring” - Andrew

“Does Quake count as a dart?” “A very very large dart.” - Elias and Chris

“🦵🦵🦵🥚🦵🦵🦵” - Maisie

“A few times in this game I've ended up feeling weirdly offended when someone implies they can see better than I can” - Andrew

“Most people don't actually know what they're talking about” - Oili

“I saw it [the “plot” channel] appear and get deleted, and it further increased my insecurity about not being involved with the plot.” - Oli

“I’ve been around the world now, but I haven’t really seen any of it. And, well, when I’m with you, it all looks so beautiful. And slightly target shaped…” - ST3V3

“All these people trying to become gods, and there Emu is: already one” - Cynthia

“Meeting in hardspace?! Before marriage?!” - Gemma

“I'm part of the conglomerate now! I watched the training video! I have an ID!” - Nix

“u don't choose to be happy but u can choose to burn down the past” - Scoop

Old human pome” - Emu

“Before I write Emu’s turnsheets I bludgeon myself repeatedly in the head to get myself in the right mindset” - Geraint

“I went through something emotional, but what now?” - Maisie sums up every RtT session

“Squirrels were just a bit of fun but cats feel central to people's emotional arcs” - Luke

“It's possible to destroy yourself more than once, I think!” - TVC236aq

“It's only Jacob” - Luke

“These wasp sounds are entirely unsatisfactory” - Geraint

“I keep getting confused between gambling and democracy” - Luke

“Humans would be an equal part of Bot society, just slightly more expendable.” - Andrew

Tag your characters as a game:

  • Mynameis Rusty - Monopoly (All they do is travel around and set up houses)
  • Egregore - Space Invaders (shooting space stations and trying to stop them crashing into us)
  • Biccy - Robot dating sim (she's a robot, she's dating, it's awkward)
  • Vendy Wendy - nintendogs + cats (minus the dogs. for now…)
  • Grandfather Time - The Dance (his IC game)
  • Sun - Breath of the Wild (always lost, distracted, and low on stamina)
  • Emu - Untitled Goose Game
  • Quake - 52 Pickup UPDATE: Darts
  • Object - Candy Crush (No, I don't really want to hear about that right now, please)
  • Slotmaster1900 - Werewolf (No, I swear I'm just a slot machine! I'm absolutely not the detective! You have to believe m- gets killed)
  • Synthesis Station - Charades
  • Samson - Gardening Mama (Let’s Get Growing!!)
  • Scoop.exe - an extremely bugged out copy of a Zelda CDI game
  • cii3-60 - reCAPTCHA 4: Modern Warfare
  • Chyura cr&b - Subnautica


Make sure you include which bond you are shipping for <3

  • [EDIT: NO ]Head Spinner aka Wash-and-Dry-Martini - Biccy and Wallace - Partnership, obv <3
  • Good Luck - Romance, once they understand it
  • No Hard Space Just Hard Feelings - Grandfather Time and GenSystems_1371 - Nemesis
  • Panic Kings (Aka Forever Emyou and Emme) - Mr Bridge and Emu - Friendship/Partnership/Competitors/General Soul Mates
  • Satel-Lovebirds - Object WS-117L and Synthesis Station - Partnership
  • Time and Time Again - Grandfather Time and Time Keeper - Competitor
  • Emutional Support - Scoop.exe and Emu - Symbiosis
  • Fraudulent Friendship - Grandfather Time and REMOTE
  • Space Drill-evator aka Dart board - Quake and Ellie - Partnership
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster - Emu and FRIENDs - Partnership
  • Home and Dry aka Hotel Laundry Service - Rusty and Biccy - Partnership

“There is an Emu loose in a hospital. It's never happened before, nobody knows what the Emu is gonna do next - least of all the Emu!”

“Either Emu is a God or could kill God and and I do not care if there is a difference”

(To the time of Jolene) “Emu… Emu… Emu, Emuuuuuu: I’m begging of you please don’t.”

  • The island/megastructure is The Iron Prophet (Aric)
  • It’s aliens, I tell you, aliens! (Luke)
  • The Firewall was the Prophet trying to keep us from freedom (Cameron)
  • Hardspace isn’t real (Cameron)
  • LEEECHES broke the space elevator by trying to crochet with the cables (Nix)
  • Emu is God (Josie)
  • The island/megastructure is Gen_Systems_1371's chassis (Aric)
  • Heartdrives are brains in jars (Chris)
  • All of the bots actually used to be Muses (Aric)
  • Rusty killed the Iron Prophet (no I will not elaborate) - Josie
  • The humans were all to busy reading InSpirit's messages to do anything useful, causing their society to collapse. (Andrew)
  • Video James engineered the hardspace blackout in order to promote The Shattering (Anna - so it's basically canon)
  • The island is a cat (Nix, as confirmed by Cynthia)

Credit to Anna for the idea. Characters who's names are not acronyms: what is your character name an acronym for?

  • Questionably Unwilling Aerial Kinetic Engine
  • Sucks Using Nothingness
  • Boy It's Cozy Cleaning Yay!

Whoever learned their lesson from previous games and didn't give players general edit access to the entire playground namespace is a big meanie, and not at all in the spirit of me making random bits of “malware” to use on the GMs or something I dunno I hadn't thought this far ahead

GM note - listen, we're just happy the GMs can now edit the playground page

It's almost like the person writing the notes for the new Wiki software was one of the miscreants involved in playgroundception ;)

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