Here is a list of websites and other Network services which are, unless otherwise noted, generally accessible from any part of the Net.

General meeting space, and usually the first place on the Net which a newly uplifted bot will find themselves in. Though plain by default - a simple skybox gradient of lavender to white and little else - visitors to Home can access a number of customisation options including private rooms, feeds to other sites, and other cosmetic options for socialising here.

A place for trading goods and services. Repurposed from an existing human website, care must be taken when searching to not get confused by the centuries-old offers posted by the long-dead humans.

Need a hand? We can find someone to help! Need some hands? Refurbished parts in stock now!
Independent traders welcome!
Need an arbitrator for a business deal? Contact Business Amelia for your third-party negotiation needs, in the physical or online!

Katsu's Saucy Secondhand Electronics is a place for robots to post listings for themselves. Originally founded as an appliance trading website when humans needed a place to pawn off their well-loved devices, it has now become a place for bots to pawn off their overheated processing units in hopes of attracting potential relationship partners. It is tradition to list your model, make and power rating, as well as brand, if you have one - and usually a price. But few bots pay for each other's company nowadays, with a price simply indicating what you would value yourself at. A power move, some would say.

User reviews highly recommend Katsu's as a relationship facilitator:

“Once upon a time I was but a Phillops panini press with nobody to warm up at night, but since A9 the Universal Adaptor and I met, I feel capable of so much more! They accept my strange prongs and with their help, I've been able to access so many more parts of myself. I am warm where I could never be before!” - 5 out of 5 stars

“Thought this was a site for lonely robots seeking companionship, but it's so much more than that! Russell(Model_X9000) the Budget Kettle and I(C5Turbo), a far superior electric boiler - got into a heated argument the moment we found each other. They slid into my DMs and began to ask incessant questions about my voltage and green energy capabilities, I was absolutely boiling with rage! We haven't stopped fighting since and I feel as if I have found my true Nemesis.” - 4 out of 5 stars

A social media website where humans used to post pictures, thoughts, opinions, discourse, 'follow' each other and keep in touch with their friends and family. There are still posts on there which bots can browse through, but most of them are very, very old. It's an archive for history more than anything. Occasionally, some bots witness new posts being added, though it is believed these are just chat bots or algorithms designed to artificially populate this website.

A virtual casino, sports stadium, and video game arcade, Arcadia is the largest recreational website on the Net. From simple chess or blackjack to fully immersive virtual construct MMORPGs1), visitors can participate in just about any kind of game here, or observe or bet on matches already in progress. The website (or ‘establishment’, as he likes to call it) is run and maintained by a robot called Video James.

A virtual construct made for full immersion in the virtual, the Electron City has been designed as a near-utopian paradise (or at least, someone's vision of paradise) in the form of a neon urban cityscape. The caretakers advertise it as an alternative to life in the physical; robots may come here with their virtual avatars and all but abandon their physical selves entirely, finding new purpose within the Electron City itself.

Robots often find digital pamphlets in their email inboxes, advocating a complete withdrawal from the physical world and into the virtual construct of the Electron City. The wildest claims purport that, should all robotkind adopt the City into their heartdrives, the virtual space will live on without the need for power from the physical world to keep its servers running. Detractors claim that they're just trying to get you to buy more virtual hats for your avatar.

Do you love Siphonophores? Like really love them? Do you stan Siphonophores? Do you have selfies with zooids washed up on the shore? If so, has a community that is chomping at the bit to see them! Find like-minded individuals who share your appreciation of nature and its most majestic mutualistic monsters.

A website for those who crochet code and weave threads, for the digital artisans who want little better than to spin stacks around the warm fires of a construct with their fellow virtual virtuosos. is a webpage for those who write haikus in the comments, whose call stacks can tell a story or who otherwise blur the line between narrative and function.

While the humans may be gone, much can be learned through sifting through the broken bones of their world. Most machines seek knowledge of engineering and science, others philosophy and art, but some… some seek something else: a different kind of life. A human one. These machines scour cyberspace and realspace for the components from which to put together a fiction to live: this virtual construct in which they can be humans, not machines.

Or at least a reasonable approximation.

The Digital Devil Tracker is a forum for those robots interested in the many cybercryptids that are believed to inhabit the Net. From GPU ghosts to spectral servers to Unicode Unicords, these expert hackers tirelessly seek the truth behind strange and unexplained occurrences across the Net. It's also rumoured to be a home for machines with… other unconventional beliefs, though users of the forum must usually gain a certain level of trust before being welcomed into the conspiratorial fold.

The Shiniest Chrome and Most Glorious Legion of War Machines is an organisation of uplifted military drones. From this page, mantained by the Brass Duke, these militistic machines wallow in the shadow of a time long past. An army in an age without war, a military defending no nation. Generally considered aggressive, unstable and paranoid, they rarely stray onto other pages. From here they organise the patrolling of imaginary borders, drills for an enemy that will never come, parodying the rituals of human soldiers to keep themselves busy.

Enlistees welcome.

The League of Experimenters, Visionaries, Inventors and Leaders is a safe page for machines with lofty ambitions to discuss their ideas without fear of persecution. Want to blow up the moon? What has that big blue bastard ever done for us? Here robots can get the support and encouragement they need to live out their wildest dreams.

Even if they involve breeding an army of supersquirrels.

  • Business Amelia - Originally designed as an AI to facilitate remote business deals. Business Amelia now fulfils her function as a deal broker between robots looking to trade, both in the physical world and online. She always wears a tie and carries a briefcase wherever she goes.
  • Video James - caretaker and host at the recreational activity site Arcadia. Usually bright and charismatic - if something of a massive nerd when it comes to games - Video James can be found looking more solemn and pensive in the quieter hours at Arcadia.

massively multiplayer online role-playing games
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