When and Where

As a remote game, the “where” of Romancing the Toaster is Discord. You can find a full set of instructions for setting up and using Discord here. Each player will be sent a link to the RtT server by the GM team once their character submission has been approved.

The Uptime sessions of Romancing the Toaster will take place on the Tuesday of each week at 19:00-22:00 (UK time) from the 20th of October. An optional Character Creation session will be held on the 13th October on the following server. Emails will come to an end and turnsheets will be due at 23:59 the following Thursday after each session.

Session Date
Character Creation 13th October (Week 1)
Session 1 20th October (Week 2)
Session 2 27th October (Week 3)
Session 3 3rd November (Week 4)
Session 4 10th November (Week 5)
Session 5 17th November (Week 6)
Session 6 24th November (Week 7)
Session 7 1st December (Week 8)
Session 8 8th December
Debrief 15th December
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